Puzzle Pieces


In our work together you will get the time and energy you deserve to explore what is going on in your life: To slow down, breathe, and become present. I provide clear, simple ways to actually feel your connection to your own Inner Wisdom. Feeling this connection provides access to the insights, strategies, choices and actions that you need to move through any challenges that you are facing and to create a life you love.

Some of the tools used in session include nature and art therapy, somatic and sensory awareness, guided meditation, spiritual re-experiencing, and connecting to Inner Wisdom and Purpose to make it easy for you to reconnect with your joy and inspiration.


I often suggest ways to continue your growth outside of our sessions, so that you are able to move at your own pace through the growth and healing you are undertaking, speeding it up, or slowing it down, as your needs indicate. Being deeply and compassionately heard in our sessions will help you practice using these tools until they become second nature. My job is to work myself out of a job!


Single Session – 60 minutes $120

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