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I believe passionately that as professionals in the helping field, we are in a position to be the leaders of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It is up to us to model what is possible.

This does not mean perfection or enlightenment. It means that we practice consistent, ongoing self-reflection, and do our own personal work to keep our side of the street as clean as possible. When we do not acknowledge the power that we hold and our responsibility for continued personal growth, then our shadow material and blind spots will play out with the very people we think we are serving.

The Core Of Health And Vibrancy

It is my experience that ongoing exploration of our own heart, mind, and spirit, is the core of creating a healthy and vibrant helping professional. I believe that using our spiritual path as the foundation for what we do (not necessarily through words, but through living it), creates a life, both personal and professional, that has integrity and allows us to stay open-hearted, fearless, and inspired in the midst of all we face.

I work with people in the helping professions to use their own spiritual paths to restore delight and inspiration to their life and work.

Fun Leap

Honoring All Paths

Diversity is one of the greatest gifts of humanity. My practice is a safe and welcoming place for the diversity of all those with whom I work. Whatever your sexual and/or gender orientation, race, ethnicity, age, health status, physical ability, spiritual and/or religious orientation (or lack thereof), you are respected and honored here.

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